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Nuria Ali
Dec 2016-Dec 2018
Maryanne Muriuki
Dec 2016-Dec 2018
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Welcome to the SGAC Kenya website! You have found the right place if you are looking for space related information in Kenya. We are a young network of young professionals and university students, trying to promote the ideals of SGAC in a number of educational projects. Our goal is to reach the youth and to educate the people, creating awareness of the benefits of space and building our future in space. Kenya is located in East Africa along the Indian Ocean at the Equator, at the heart of our continent. If you have any questions, contact our team and please join us! 


Young Space Activities overview in Kenya

It is acknowledged that Space science can enhance socio-economic development and has potential to provide cost –effective solutions to many humanity are pressing needs. Today all parts of the world are being united by communications satellites while space based sensor systems are continually monitoring the globe. All these are providing the support needed for sustainable development. Recently, Kenya has taken a keen interest in Space Science. SGAC Kenya has so far provided strong networking capabilities, allowing many University Students and young professionals engage in Space related Activities across the country and abroad. Most of the events held have focused on motivating learners pursue Space Science. Areas of Application of Space Science in Kenya include: Communications, Resource Survey, Land use/Land Cover mapping, Weather Analysis, Navigation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geodetic positioning.


 Pupils of the K.U Primary school pose for a photo with SGAC members at the end of a presentation outside the school’s main hall  
SGAC member Muriu Kariuki shows learners how to use a Galileo Scope outside the hall at the end of a presentation

Accomplishments in 2015

Several activities have been conducted in Kenya in line with the SGAC goals in the year 2015.  Various individuals and students have been engaged in Space activities through the current NPoCs Antony Kinyili and Nichoas. These activities have included seminars, outreach activities and collaboration with other organizations among others. Most of these activities in the country have targeted students in Primary schools, secondary schools and Tertiary institutions and managed to incorporate as many members as possible to as to popularise SGAC and achieve the set objectives. 

  1. We have been able to link SGAC with other organizations in the country, with the aim of enhancing SGAC activities in the Kenya and East Africa region. For instance, SGAC partnered with SHEDI – Kenya (See ) with the objective of enhancing SGAC’s visibility in the region. SHEDI-Kenya is a Non – governmental organization whose core programs are Health advocacy, Child and youth Development as well as Environmental and Climate Change. 
  2. SGAC also partnered with ACTION-2015 (See ). ACTION-2015 core programs are alleviating poverty and Climate Change. SGAC members have been able to attend several ACTION – 2015 meetings. This way, SGAC image has improved in the country. 
  3. Outreach activities have been conducted in various institutions for instance the Langata Barracks Secondary School, which is located within Nairobi regions, In most of these institutions, students have opened science clubs and others have expressed interest of joining SGAC at their college levels. 

Country-specific events in 2016

Carrying outreach activities in as many institutions as much as possible. (Both public and private). Note: So far KALRO (Kenya Agricultural Livestock and Research Organization) has invited SGAC Kenya for its Open day early January 2016.

Forming Partnership with other organizations in the country.  There are some target institutions s far such as the KALRO which are ready to work with SGAC Kenya.

Engage SGAC in all other Space activities that shall arise within the country in the course of the year.


Interesting Web Links for Young Generation in Kenya

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·Galileo teacher training program: May (date to be confirmed)

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