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8 decades later, in January 2010, Slovenia joined ESA (European Space Agency) as a cooperating State. At the moment, Slovenia has not yet established a space program nor a national space agency. Nonetheless some activities in the field of space industry are happening - first Slovenian consortium, the Centre of Excellence Space-SI (CE Space-SI), was established, consisting of most important Slovenian companies and academic institutes working in the field of space technology and science. Its primary goal is to support Slovenia in the process of joining ESA and to reduce the long lasting gap between space research and technical development levels in Europe and Slovenia.


Young Space Activities Overview in Slovenia

SGAC has just recently reached Slovenia and is aiming to provide a central location for space networking in Slovenia - this also includes a network of contacts via Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and CE Space-SI. The main goal is to offer Slovenian students and young professionals, who are interested in space related areas, a chance to get in touch with Slovenian & global space community, develop their network of contacts, and build their knowledge. SGAC Slovenia hopes to bring the young Slovenian space enthusiasts together to grow the network.

If you are interested in space, have any useful information (e.g., links, events, clubs or societies) which would add to our current page, or just want to become involved yourself, do not hesitate to contact our NPoC for more information. Join us!


Country-Specific Events in 2013

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Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Slovenia

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Organizations, Institutions

Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (Directorate for Science and Technology - responsible for communication with ESA)
European Space Agency
Slovenia as a Cooperating State in ESA
Centre of Excellence Space-SI
Observatory Črni Vrh
Observatory Golovec


Faculty of Mathematics and Physics: Study of meteorology with geophysics

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