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SGAC Welcomes New Co-Lead for the Small Satellites Project Group

15 March, 2015

SGAC is happy to announce the appointment of Michael Deiml (Germany) as the new co-lead of the Small Satellites Project Group. Michael will work together with Klaus Kornfeld.

The position of co-lead is an integral role in the Small Satellites project group with responsibilities including, assisting and coordinating activities of the group, co-ordinating team projects and encouraging active participation among the group members.

SGAC would like to thank the outgoing co-lead, Sandra González (Spain) for establishing the group and contributing to its growth over the past two years. Sandra has done a great job and SGAC wishes her all the best for her future projects.

Michael Deiml is currently working on his PhD in Physics at the Research Centre Jülich and the University Wuppertal about the development of a remote sensing instrument for small satellites to measure temperatures and characterize gravity waves in the middle atmosphere. Before, he studied aerospace engineering (M.Sc.) at the Technical University of Munich. He holds Bachelor degrees in aerospace engineering and in Technology and Management-orientated Business Administration. In addition to his studies, he was member of the student group "Scientific Workgroup for Rocketry and Spaceflight" (140 members), where he was working on CubeSats and rocket engines. For one and a half years, he headed this association.

Michael is alumni of the International Space University (Space Studies Program 2013, Strasbourg, France) and participated at the SGC 2012 as rapporteur through the DLR Standout Student Scholarship and at the SGC 2014 as project coordinator within the organizing team.

Welcome to the team, Michael!

 Small Satellites and SGAC

Small satellite programs are particularly attractive since they are "affordable". There shall be no surprises in the near future, if more and more developing countries, groups from the academic world or even small teams of space enthusiasts develop their own space mission based on small satellites. The small satellite platform is catering to new actors such as developing countries, students, and amateurs. SGAC recognizes the changing landscape of space exploration using small satellites and initiated the Small Satellite Project Group.

Read more about the Small Satellites Project Group here


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