SpaceOps 2016

Cubesat Space Operations Student Workshop

15 May 2016

Daejeon Convention Center

Daejeon, South Korea 

Applications for Cubesat Space Operations Student Workshop are now open!

Click on the link and follow the application instructions:  REGISTER HERE

The deadline for registration is 10 May, 2016

Do you want to learn how to carry out space operations for cubesats? Or what the difference is in operating various complex missions? Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) is collaborating with the Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) to host the Space Operations Cubesat Student Workshop in Daejeon, South Korea. It will be held in conjunction to the SpaceOps 2016 conference, on the Sunday. During the one day event, students will have the opportunity to learn about different approaches to space operations and hear about your international peers working on their cubesat projects.

During this workshop, participants from around the world will learn about the different philosophies behind cubesat operations, the complexity of the satellites, and how contributions from private or European Member States are managed. Students will also have the opportunity to showcase their cubesat project, exchanging new ideas and a chance to receive waived conference registration fee in return!

After the lectures by each representative, all participants will have a chance to engage in discussions via a panel discussion.

The workshop is primarily be focused on students, but young professionals are welcome to join. If you aspire to work for a company, an international space agency, or if you are interested in starting your own satellite operations company, then this one day workshop is a great opportunity to learn about the challenges and excitement of space operations.


Registration Costs: Workshop Registration is free, however seats will be limited. Sign up today!

*Possible funding for SpaceOps 2016 registration will be provided to those selected to present their cubesat mission during the workshop.

How to Register: Sign up for SGAC ( and register for the workshop HERE.


Agenda Outline

 SpaceOps 2016 Agenda 

*Note: Order of Speakers and Presentation Topics Subject to Change*


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