SGAC/AAS Next Generation Event

Innovation Beyond Boundaries


17 JULY 2017

09:00 – 15:00

Omni Shoreham Hotel

2500 Calvert St NW, 20008

Washington DC, USA



In conjunction with


The Space Generation Advisory Council and American Astronautical Society (AAS) present a one-day next-generation event held in conjunction with the ISS R&D Conference 2017 to bring together perspectives from both leaders and young professionals in the space sector in addressing new ventures, international collaboration, public outreach programs and scientific missions in space.

The Next-Generation event will provide a forum for young professionals to exchange ideas, present their views and share their experiences under the overarching theme Innovation Beyond Boundaries.



Breakout Accelerated Discussion Session

Next-Gen participants will be assigned breakout groups. Each breakout group will be discussing a pressing topic related to the overarching theme of the ISS R&D Conference.

The breakout accelerated discussion session will conclude with lightning discussion summaries. Each breakout group will nominate one participant to report out a summary of their group's discussions to all participants. The discussions will be moderated by invited senior industry professionals.

Topics include:

Space Access (Launch)

The last few years has seen both an increase in the number of companies offering flights, as well as a greater demand for access to space. We have different methods and ideas on how to get there - Balloon based launches, Glider/planes, and traditional rockets. Do they all have a role in the future of space development? Are there other verticals that will make any more viable than another? What could be some of the optimal ways to launch and build the next generation orbiting laboratory ?

Next Generation Space Research-Leveraging the Orbiting Laboratory

ISS and beyond - what's the next technology leap that will affect the future of space research? What are the key changes or developments needed to get there? Do any current national or international policies need to be adapted?

Normalization of Space (Philosophy)

As space becomes a normal venue for either travel, or an even more common medium for services, how will people's views of space change? Is it a good thing for the industry and humanity for living off-Earth to become normal? What are lessons learned from ISS that we can improve for next generation stations?


What are some key commercial opportunities that we either see emerging today, or may see in the next 20 years? What are the challenges we need to overcome to accommodate growth in the commercial space industry? Is adapting the Outer Space Treaty to enable the commercialization of space practical or feasible? Will adopting new national policies supporting commercial space suffice and how will it play out internationally?

Speed Mentoring Session

Senior professionals will be invited to sit down face-to-face with small groups of New Generation participants for a networking opportunity, and to provide leadership perspective and valuable career advice. The mentors will be rotated from group to group.

Finalised Schedule

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 6.10.09 PM.png

Following the SGAC/AAS Next Generation Event Closing Keynote, participants will be directed to join the ISS R&D Conference session starting at 15:15 (same venue):

15:15 – 17:15 Evolution of ISS Research and the Role of the National Academies

Registration fees

The SGAC/AAS Next Generation event is free!

Please note - lunch is not provided, however, there are a number of cafes around the area to grab a quick bite to eat.

If you plan on attending the ISS R&D Conference (17-20th July 2017), the following discounts apply:

  • Full Time Students: $250 (with valid student ID)
  • Participants of the SGAC/AAS YP event: $400 (discounted from $725).

A dedicated SGAC registration code will be provided to participants of the SGAC/AAS Next Generation Event to utilize the discount.


How to apply

All students and young professionals are eligible to participate in this event, however space is limited to maximum of 30 people. Participants must be SGAC members, 35 or younger by 17 July 2017.

To apply, fill in the google form no later than 23 June, 2017 (DEADLINE EXTENDED TO: 28 JUNE, 2017) with the following:

Apply Here!

Must be registered and logged in to access


Application Timeline

  • Application open: 1 June, 2017
  • Application close: 23 June, 2017  28 JUNE, 2017

  • Review of applications: 24 - 28 June, 2017

  • Announcement of results: 30 June, 2017


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