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    2nd European Space Generation Workshop

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    SGAC Opportunities, Scholarships and Vacancies

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The Space Generation Advisory Council is a global non-governmental, non-profit (US 501(c)3) organisation and network which aims to represent university students and young space professionals to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia.



Upcoming Events


Nov 12-13: 2016 AP-SGW
Dec (TBD): SGAC General Assembly 


Jan:  1st ME-SGW*
Feb: SG[Greece]*
Mar: Poland Mars Analogue Simulation, SGx
Mar 24-25: 2017 E-SGW
April: SG[Kuwait]*, SGFF

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SGAC Cyprus

National Point of Contact

Nicolina Chrysaphi
May 2016 - May 2018

[This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

Welcome to the national SGAC page of Cyprus. Here, you can find an overview on Cyprus’ space sector and some information regarding scientific organisations in Cyprus and their upcoming events.
There is a selection of events listed below, but if you would like to attend more of them, or become a member of any society, please use one of the links provided in the appropriate section to explore the organizations and meet the people involved in them.
For any queries you have regarding the given information, or any help you may need in order to contact scientific communities in Cyprus, please do not hesitate to contact the National Point of Contact of Cyprus.


Space Activities Overview in Cyprus

For the past years Cyprus has experienced an increase of interest from the public towards astrophysical phenomena. There are plenty of events organised that are open to the public, whether they involve observations, talks, or short courses for amateur astronomers.
However, we would like to see even more people and young scientists getting involved and thus create a network which will soon lead to significant scientific developments in Cyprus, like the construction of a national observatory.
So come along! Join a society, expand you scientific knowledge and help us make a difference.


The Kition Planetarium & Observatory:

Established in 2008, the Kition Planetarium & Observatory – based in Larnaca – offers a variety of presentations, events and workshops available in Greek, English and Russian.
Some of the projects the Kition Planetarium & Observatory is involved in, or coordinates, include: the “Cosmic Light Reaches Cyprus 2016” and NASA’s “Radio JOVE Project”. Also offered are several courses like the “Read the Sky” course for beginners and “The Sky is Alive” course, both expanding over 4 sessions.
A visit to the Kition Planetarium & Observatory will also give you the chance to take a look into the universe through telescopes and admire a collection of fossils and mineral rocks at their museum.
Take a look at the official website and find out about everything that is going on there, some free of charge events you can attend and many other fascinating opportunities that will get you a step closer to the universe. People of all ages and educational backgrounds are welcomed.


The Cyprus Amateur Astronomy Community:

Since 2015, the Cyprus Amateur Astronomy Community – based in Nicosia – is operating with the aim to share the outstanding natural beauty of the universe with the citizens of Cyprus.
Open to all ages and educational backgrounds, the Cyprus Amateur Astronomy Community offers free of charge events to everybody who wants to explore this exciting hobby and enjoy plenty of star parties and observations. With stargazing being the main focus of this community, the Cyprus Amateur Astronomy Community promises a character building experience in an organization that will strive to adapt to whatever serves its members best. Workshops are organized for both newcomers and seasoned astronomers of the community.
Events are usually not planned months in advance but the community invites the public to keep an eye on the community's website and social media page where it is easy to keep up to date with any spontaneous and interesting opportunities that might arise.


The Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation

The Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) was established by key international people in industry and academia with the primary mission to advance Cyprus as a prime sustainable space industry location. The CSEO promotes scientific research and development in the field of space exploration, enhances and actively develops the local space industry, and bridges the academic and industrial collaborations. It aims to lead to advancements in the high-tech industry and form collaborations with other space-faring nations in scientific, space and planetary missions. The CSEO’s mission and vision is to galvanise the local talent into applied high-tech innovation and produce results that are of public benefit.

CSEO has formed strategic partnership with a number of governmental organisations, ministries and bodies, most universities of Cyprus, EU officials, research institutions, the private sector and the media. Thus, it actively builds – locally and internationally – the future generation of scientists, via education and outreach. For all announcements of events, refer to the organisation’s official website and social media page.


The Science & Space Cafe:

Since its doors opened in 2015, the Science & Space Cafe in Nicosia has been organizing events with the collaboration of scientific societies in Cyprus and welcoming guest speakers from every scientific area.
Do not miss out and take a look at the cafe’s social media page and mark on your calendars any planned events. You can expand your scientific knowledge while enjoying a coffee with friends in a cozy environment decorated just appropriately for science lovers.


Country-Specific Events in 2016

Observations of the Lunar Eclipse: The Kition Planetarium & Observatory, Larnaca invites you on the 16th of September, 2016 at 21:00 for a chance to enjoy a presentation (in Greek) and then observe the Lunar Eclipse (@22:00). To find information on how to get to there, check their official website.

“Astrology VS Astronomy” Presentations and Observations of Saturn: On the 21st of September, 2016, enjoy a presentation (in English) on the topic “Astrology VS Astronomy” at the Kition Planetarium & Observatory, followed by observations of Saturn at 20:00. For more details visit their official website.

Presentation on ESA’s Rosetta Mission and Observations of Saturn: The Kition Planetarium & Observatory gives you the opportunity to attend a presentation (in English) on the 30th of September,2016 about ESA’s Rosetta Mission starting at 18:30. Following the presentation, there will be observations of Saturn starting at 19:30. Consult their official website to find your way there.


Interesting Web Links for the Young Generation in Cyprus

Official websites:
 Kition Planetarium & Observatory

 Cyprus Amateur Astronomy Community

 Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation

 Astronomical Society of Limassol 

Social Media Pages:

 Kition Planetarium & Observatory (Larnaca) 

 Cyprus Amateur Astronomy Community (Nicosia)

 Science & Space Cafe (Nicosia)

 Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation 

 Astronomical Society of Limassol (Limassol) 

 Paphos Astronomy Club (Paphos) 



An observation organised by the Kition Planetarium & Observatory.

A workshop at a school organised by the Kition Planetarium & Observatory.


A presentation carried out at the Kition Planetarium & Observatory.


A stargazing event organised by the Cyprus Amateur Astronomy Community at the presidential palace


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