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14 April 2017

After the success of the 6th Space Generation Fusion Forum (SGFF) in conjunction with the 33rd Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, SGAC is pleased to welcome Chantelle Dubois (Canada) as the 7th SGFF Manager.

Chantelle has been a member of the SGAC Team since 2014, holding several positions including Web Team Coordinator and SGAC Intern. More recently she excelled at her role as 6th SGFF Deputy Manager. In her role as SGFF 2018 Manager, Chantelle will lead the Organising Team in the preparations of the SGFF 2018 such as program, sponsorships and logistics.


Chantelle Dubois (Canada)

Chantelle DuboisChantelle Dubois is a computer engineering student at the University of Manitoba and former business and outreach lead for the University of Manitoba Space Applications and Technology Society. Currently, Chantelle acts as an external advisor to UMSATS. During her time with the team, UMSATS was awarded the first UrtheCast Outreach Award for outreach efforts in 2014, and placed 2nd overall in the 2016 Canadian Satellite Design Challenge. Chantelle joined the SGAC in 2014 as a web editor, and interned at the organization’s headquarters in Vienna for 12-weeks in Autumn 2015. In 2016, Chantelle was the recipient of the Space Generation Leadership Award, and was a part of the communications team for the 15th Space Generation Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. In 2017, Chantelle acted as Deputy Manager for the 6th Space Generation Fusion Forum, and in 2018 will be taking on the role as SGFF Manager. This summer, Chantelle will be interning at the Canadian Space Agency headquarters in Saint-Hubert, Québec.


Upon her appointment as SGFF 2018 Manager, Chantelle's reaction was:

“It has been a great pleasure to work alongside the SGFF 2017 team as the Deputy Manager. Taking on the lead for next year’s event is a challenge that I am incredibly excited for. A special thank you to everyone who has been part of this growth and journey, and to the chairs and executive director who have given me many opportunities to lead within the SGAC. I look forward to forming and working with a new team for the 7th SGFF!”


Alexander Gibson, current SGAC Co-Chair, and SGFF 2017 Manager added:

“Being a Star Trek fan, I like to compare the SGFF team to a Starship crew.  Chantelle was the best First Officer that a Captain could have asked for during SGFF 2017, and I am deeply impressed by her dedication to SGAC, passion for space, and boldness of character.  I cannot wait to see her lead the mission for SGFF 2018!”


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