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    Poland Mars Analogue Simulation 2017

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The Space Generation Advisory Council is a global non-governmental, non-profit (US 501(c)3) organisation and network which aims to represent university students and young space professionals to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia.



3 August 2017

SGAC’s PMAS 2017 Mission, hosted by the Space Exploration Project Group (SEPG), will be the first combined Moon-Mars analogue mission in Poland. In this two-week mission, a crew of six analogue astronauts will conduct scientific research and record their results while confined to a newly constructed habitat, LUNARES provided by the Space Garden Company — to simulate real planetary exploration conditions. Fully isolated from the rest of the world, the astronauts’ only communication with the outside world will be through a 15-minute time-delayed link (in Mars mode) with the 30 international students and young professionals making up the Flight Support Team (FST), in the Mission Support Centre (MSC), located 89 miles away in the offices of ABM Space in Torun, Poland. The first three days of this mission will be dedicated to Lunar exploration in collaboration on the International Lunar Exploration Working Group and the European Space Agency Moon Village Project. The rest of the mission will be dedicated for Mars Exploration.



Six carefully selected PMAS Analogue astronauts have been chosen to live and work in the habitat from 31st July - 13th August. These include:


João Lousada (Portugal)

 Poonam Josan (India/USA)

Yael Kisel (Israel/USA/Mexico)

Jennifer Pouplin (France)

Axel Garcia (USA/Puerto Rico)

 Cody Paige (Canada)


The PMAS Backup Analogue Astronaut include:


  • Pierre-Yves Girardin

  • Sweety Pate

  • Carlos Salicrup

  • Yair Piña



This PMAS 2017 mission is an opportunity for the Space Exploration Project Group members to develop their knowledge in specific areas of analogue simulations by:

  • Adding to current research and development in the field of space exploration
  • Creating a new team-feeling and identity for the SEPG
  • Providing students and young professionals the ability to gather their own research data, which will be beneficial for their research activities.

The PMAS 2017 mission team is supported by a number of international volunteers -



Team members

Flight directors (FD), Flight Director Assistants (FDA)

  • Reinhard Tlustos

  • Sebastian Hettrich

  • Tajana Lucic

  • Kiran Tikare

Capsule Communicator (CapCom)

  • Axel Blanc

  • Lorene Authier

  • Yair Israel Piña Lopez

  • Akinsanmi Babatunde

  • Pierre-Yves Girardin

  • Sweety Pate

Psychological / Social Counselor (PSC)

  • Mateusz Wichowski

  • Tajana Lucic

  • Karoly Schlosser

Science Data Officer (SDO)

  • Behnoosh Meskoob

  • N. Adhithiyan

  • Jude Wijesekera

Mission Doctor (MD)

  • Carlos Salicrup

  • Aleksander Wasniowski

  • Jorge Fernandez

  • Zuza Sobiak

Records Officer (RO)

  • Meriesha Fonseka

  • Pierre-Yves Girardin

  • Peter Henriksen

  • Rohan Chandra

  • Sweety Pate

Technical Support Team (TecSup)

  • Piotr Konorski

  • Nabil Souhair

Simulation Supervisor (SimSup)

  • Carmen Felix

  • Manjusha Biswas

Media and Outreach Team (MOT)

  • Monica Alcazar

  • Tajana Lucic

  • Cynthia Chahla (ESA)

  • Danielle Lemieux
  • Mclee Kerolle
  • Camilo Andres Reyes

Planning and Scheduling Team (PST)

  • Behnoosh Meskoob

  • Samuel Hargrove

  • Efi Salteri

  • Jintin Tran

  • Sumana Mukherjee

  • Arti Bandhana

Science Team

  • Betel Martinez

  • Samadini Weerasekara

  • Lucie Davidova


Mexico makes up the largest country’s participation of the PMAS 2017 mission, with 8 participants including Juan Carlos Mariscal (Rover Experiment), Carlos Salicrup (Medical Doctor and Backup Analogue Astronaut), Betel Martínez (Science Team), Mónica Álcazar-Duarte (Photography and Media) and Carmen Félix (Simulation Supervisor).

Publicity of the PMAS 2017 mission continues to reach a global audience. The National Autonomous University of Mexico (Spanish: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, abbreviated as UNAM) Global have sent a dedicated media crew to cover the participation of some of its students, namely, Yair Piña (Backup analogue astronaut), Walter Calles and Danton Bazaldua (Vest experiment).

SGAC would like to thank all of its sponsors and supporters who have made it possible to successfully launch SGAC’s first PMAS mission!



Space Exploration Project Group of the Space Generation Advisory Council

SGAC’s Space Exploration Project Group (SEPG) was created in 2014 as a means of sharing the views of the next generation of space sector leaders on space exploration. Through papers, reports, workshops and analogue simulations, SEPG helps connect students and young professionals with more senior experts and disseminated their views within the larger space community.

For all PMAS 2017 media queries, please contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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